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My husband has well and truly spoken up on this matter. So unfortunately, the answer here my friends is a big fat — No! Excellent for — tracking PMS symptoms, but maybe are — not worth the risk of relying on them as a form of contraception. Thanks for reading, please hit share as I depend on shares and likes to get traffic, or please head back to my latest insta post with all your thoughts and comments.

Marie Claire Article — What are period trackers and how do they actually work? See more Wellbeing Wednesday posts here.

Hidden Phone Tracker - Tracks SMS, GPS, Calls and Messages

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The Daily Boyle Hilarious, honest, writing. However, they were the first fertility app to be approved by European regulators as a medical contraceptive.

10 free GPS tracking apps

Period Calendar — Too many adverts, too much pink, too many fluffy bunnies. Looks like an app my seven year old would have. Facebook stole our data and we forgave them right? Kindara — Looks too much like a Maths textbook to me.

Graphs can do one. Thomas Jones.

TOP 10 Phone Tracker Apps to Track any Cell Phone

FamiSafe Android Tracking 2. GPS Phone Tracker 3. Live Mobile Location 5. Google Maps.

Hidden Mobile GPS Tracker

This app does run an ad-service, but it will provide you with location data on your device, including the ability to see and store your live location, search the nearby area for local amenities, and distance measurement to see the distance between two locations Features See the live location of where your mobile device is See the address of the location of your device Search the local area for amenities you may need Measure two location distances using the tape measure Pros Simple and easy to use app Free to download, install and use Track android phone free Accurate GPS location tracking Cons Unable to store past location Ads may be intrusive and ruin your experience.

Google Maps Finally, to finish off with, it may surprise you to know that you can actually use your Google Maps app and Google account to easily track android phone free and monitor the location of your phone, and the phone of another. Thomas Jones chief Editor. Related Articles.

Top 10 iPhone Tracker in iPhone Tracker. How to Track a Phone Number for Free track phone number free. How to Track a Phone Number track phone by phone number. Try It Now.