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Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Software. The Trojan itself is primarily distributed through spam campaigns and drive-by downloads, though given its versatility, other vectors may also be utilized. The message body warns the user of a problem with their financial information, online account, or software and suggests they visit a link provided in the email. The computer is compromised if the user visits the link, if it is not protected. Functionality This Trojan has primarily been designed to steal confidential information from the computers it compromises.

It specifically targets system information, online credentials, and banking details, but can be customized through the toolkit to gather any sort of information. This is done by tailoring configuration files that are compiled into the Trojan installer by the attacker. These can later be updated to target other information, if the attacker so wishes. Confidential information is gathered through multiple methods. However, its most effective method for gathering information is by monitoring Web sites included in the configuration file, sometimes intercepting the legitimate Web pages and inserting extra fields e.

Additionally, Trojan. This allows a remote attacker to command the Trojan to download and execute further files, shutdown or reboot the computer, or even delete system files, rendering the computer unusable without reinstalling the operating system. The reports claimed there were as many as 75, machines compromised by this newly discovered threat. In actuality, Kneber turned out to be a group of computers infected with Trojan. Zbot , controlled by one owner.

On February 23, , one of our DeepSight honeypots was compromised by this latest version of Trojan. In this particular case, Trojan. Zbot also downloaded copies of W Antivirus signatures Trojan.

Zbot Trojan. B Trojan. C Infostealer.


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C Trojan. E Trojan. Wsnpoem W Inf Trojan. Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions. Prevention and avoidance 1.

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Infection method 2. Functionality 3.

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Additional information 1. Zbot relies heavily on social engineering in order to infect computers. The spam email campaigns used by attackers attempt to trick the user by referencing the latest news stories, playing upon fears their sensitive information has been stolen, suggesting that compromising photos have been taken of them, or any number of other ruses.

Users should use caution when clicking links in such emails. Basic checks such as hovering with the mouse pointer over each link will normally show where the link leads to. Users can also check online Web site rating services such as safeweb. As of February 24, , Trojan.

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Users should turn on automatic updates if available, so that their computers can receive the latest patches and updates when they are made available. We will examine each of these methods in more detail. Zbot have made a concerted effort to spread their threat using spam campaigns. The subject material varies from one campaign to the next, but often focuses on current events or attempt to trick the user with emails purported to come from well-known institutions such as FDIC, IRS, MySpace, Facebook, or Microsoft. Zbot have also been witnessed using exploit packs to spread the threat via drive-by download attacks.

When an unsuspecting user visits one of these Web sites, a vulnerable computer will become infected with the threat. The particular exploits used to spread the threat vary, largely depending on the proliferation and ease-of-use of exploits available in the wild at the time the Trojan is distributed. This video describes these aspects of Zeus: Zeus: King of crimeware toolkits 3. Zbot is created using a toolkit that is readily available on underground marketplaces used by online criminals. A newer version was released two years later, in The program was used to attack German and Dutch banks.

To resist anti-virus analysis, KINS uses steganography hiding malicious code inside of innocent code for storing parameters, as well as virtualization. P2P Zeus also known as: Gameover, Murofet First discovered in , this malware was used to create a botnet of one million infected computers.

P2P Zeus was also used to spread CryptoLocker ransomware.