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BrickHouse Security offers a full line of GPS tracking devices for a variety of needs, from personal tracking for teen drivers, children, elderly, or special needs relatives to business tracking such as fleet tracking and asset tracking.

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Our selection of GPS tracking devices are curated to provide the best technology on the market. We carry GPS trackers in a variety of functions and form factors: portable battery-operated devices that can be stowed in a backpack, professional fleet tracking devices that are hardwired to the vehicle, satellite trackers that can monitor the location of heavy equipment in the field or shipping containers at sea, and everything in between. Other factors to consider when choosing the best GPS tracking device for your needs are how long you need to track, where you need to track, and how you want to retrieve your tracking data.

Depending on what you need most, we have the tools to help. We provide battery-operated trackers with long battery lives to provide you with short term tracking options. For longer term tracking, we offer a variety of hardwired devices or trackers that can be plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle for power.

Many trackers provide you with the option of standy-by mode or longer intervals between tracking, conserving power in between uses. Learn more about GPS tracking intervals in our learning library. The type of tracker you select will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you need one on-the-go, maybe our portable GPS trackers are for you. We offer both real-time GPS tracking devices and data logging devices for different needs.

Real-time GPS trackers transmit location data to our GPS tracking platform where you can review the location of your tracker live, receive notifications about specific activity types, and access historical data to see where your tracker has been. This option is perfect for users who want to stay up-to-date about every move their vehicle or asset makes on the road. For users who want to simply review historical data, a GPS data logger may be the perfect option.

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Worksite gear? Protect your investments with real-time tracking and stellar customer support to keep your items in your possession. Take the next step in protecting your vehicles and assets. Click one of the buttons below to view product details and pricing for our GPS Trackers. Mini GPS Tracker. Mini GPS Tracker 3 inches long and 3.

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See everything - whenever you need to see it. Track Anything that Moves. Rave Reviews. Peace of mind and great customer service always win rave reviews….

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If you want to know what your drivers are doing and how they are driving this is the answer. Hubert V. We use these on ALL of our company vehicles, and I even use them on my personal vehicles to make sure I know where the teens are and how they are driving. Since they even track vehicle maintenance - it's a must-have. It provides several useful alerts harsh braking, speeding and time stopped at location just to name a few. I use it to monitor my business trucks.

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Its better than letsrack device.. And subscription fee is lower than other devices in market.. Customer service was super, and has best quality support and they show immense involvement towards satisfying us and they love their job.. Kindly buy without any doubt..

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I have researched and enquired about this device, and I was surprised now to see myself a good result. Good device. But vehicle Start n Stop notifications works on its will.

Most of the time will not notify. Very moody piece. Other wise good one to be purchased. Very Good support by device provider for setting up the device, I appreciate the team.

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Excellent support form the company and all issues and questions promptly answered. I would highly recommend this product for students traveling to and from home to school and while going out on study trips.

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  • This product brings peace of mind to parents. Battery life is one whole day.