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It offers end-to-end encryption making it the most secure and versatile Iridium satellite terminal in the world for both government and private M2M communications. Used by governments and militaries, AES encryption provides you with one of the highest layers of data protection. Data is protected even if your data is intercepted through the satellite network or the internet.

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Introduction to the GSatMicro Series The GSatMicro Series is a suite of intelligent satellite terminals that provide behavior monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets around the globe. GSatMicro Our waterproof handheld version is the smallest self-contained Iridium tracker in the world. Learn More Integrate Explore possible solutions. See Examples Tools Create your own solution.

View Tools Support Have a question? Get Support A satellite must have a Gateway station in view to provide service to any users it may see. Globalstar supports CDMA technology such as the rake receiver and soft handoffs , so a handset may be talking via two spot beams to two Gateways for path diversity.

The use of gateway ground stations provides customers with localized regional phone numbers for their satellite handsets. But if there are no gateway stations to cover certain remote areas such as areas of the South Pacific and the polar regions , service cannot be provided in these remote areas, even if the satellites may fly over them.

As of May , voice and full-duplex data service is currently non-functional over much of Africa, the South Asian subcontinent and most mid-ocean regions due to lack of nearby gateway earth stations. Globalstar has roaming agreements with local cellular operators in some regions, enabling the use of a single phone number in satellite and cellular mode on multi-mode Globalstar handsets. Because of improvements in cellular phones and networks and the limitations inherent to satellite phones, the newest Globalstar handset released in does not include cellular connectivity as Globalstar does not expect subscribers to carry it as their only mobile phone.

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Globalstar orbits have an inclination of 52 degrees. Therefore, Globalstar does not cover polar areas, due to the lower orbital inclination. A Globalstar satellite has two body-mounted, Earth-facing arrays. However, the second-generation Globalstar design will gain significant mass. In , some of the satellites began to reach the limit of their operational lifetime of 7. According to documents filed with the SEC on January 30, , Globalstar's previously identified problems with its S-band amplifiers used on its satellites for two-way communications are occurring at a higher rate than expected, possibly eventually leading to reduced levels of two-way voice and duplex data service in The company's simplex data services used to support the asset tracking products as well as the SPOT Satellite Messenger are not affected by the S-band satellite issue mentioned above.

Globalstar also launched eight ground spare satellites in to help reduce the impact of the issue. Based on data recently collected from satellite operations, the Company has concluded that the degradation of the amplifiers is now occurring at a rate that is faster than previously experienced and faster than the Company had previously anticipated. Based on its most recent analysis, the Company now believes that, if the degradation of the S-band antenna amplifiers continues at the current rate or further accelerates, and if the Company is unsuccessful in developing additional technical solutions [ buzzword ] , the quality of two-way communications services will decline, and by some time in substantially all of the Company's currently in-orbit satellites will cease to be able to support two-way communications services.

The S-band antenna amplifier degradation does not affect adversely the Company's one-way "Simplex" data transmission services, which utilize only the L-band uplink from a subscriber's "Simplex" terminal to the satellites.

The Company is working on plans, including new products and services and pricing programs, and exploring the feasibility of accelerating procurement and launch of its second-generation satellite constellation, to attempt to reduce the effects of this problem upon its customers and operations. The Company will be able to forecast the duration of service coverage at any particular location in its service area and intends to make this information available without charge to its service providers, including its wholly owned operating subsidiaries, so that they may work with their subscribers to reduce the impact of the degradation in service quality in their respective service areas.

The Company is also reviewing its business plan in light of these developments. The Company's liquidity remains strong. In , Globalstar launched eight spare satellites for its existing constellation with a view to reducing the gaps in its two-way voice and data services pending commercial availability of its second-generation satellite constellation, scheduled for initial launch in the second half of Globalstar will continue to operate its existing satellite constellation to provide and support services until the second-generation Globalstar satellites are available for service.

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Until the new second-generation Globalstar satellite constellation is operational, Globalstar is offering its Optimum Satellite Availability Tool OSAT on its Internet site, which subscribers may use to predict when one or more unaffected satellites will be overhead at any specific geographic location. To help customers deal with the S-band communication issues, Globalstar has provided a call times tool which calculates optimum calling times for a given location. The satellites were designed with a life expectancy of 15 years, significantly longer than the design life of Globalstar's first-generation constellation.

The second generation constellation will consist of 24 satellites. In August , Thales Alenia Space began production assembly, integration and testing of the second-generation flight model satellites, in its Rome factory, for launch as early as Q3 In July , Globalstar, Inc. The first six second-generation satellites were launched on October 19, , from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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Six more second-generation satellites were launched in July [20] followed by another six satellites in December Predecessor Company - Globalstar LP. In February , Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd. From that point on, the primary financing for Globalstar LP was vendor financing from its suppliers including Loral and Qualcomm , supplemented by junk bonds. When the new Globalstar emerged from bankruptcy in April , it was owned by Thermo Capital Partners The product was launched early November The first five employees of Globalstar were transferred from the founding companies in Although few figures were publicly disclosed, the company apparently reached a peak of about employees until layoffs in March However, this figure was misleading, as most of the development, operations and sales employees were employed by the company's strategic partners.

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